May 12th, 2008

mounds and bars

It's a bit sunny out there. We went for a walk to Northala Fields yesterday--- a bit of parkland in Northolt next to the A40, featuring four large concial mounds that look like early medieval burial barrows :) I'll take a camera next time I'm up there... although having a decent camera would be useful! Well, my existing camera is OK, just a bit old.... when did a 2MP camera come to seem less than decent?

Saw someone cycling on this morning on an ordinary looking town bike-- rear basket, fenders, rattly as hell-- and then noticed he had aero bars on the front! Kind of like adding a spoiler to your staid old Volvo... He also didn't seem inclined to actually get into aero position or indeed go fast at all, so I assume he got them just so that he could rest his arms in a comfy position.... or maybe he puts them onto a zoomy bike at the weekends? Also some twit was cycling down the path through Hyde Park with no hands on the bars at all: show off somewhere else far from me, kthxbye.

I've been pointed towards a plan for getting my swimming up: Despite the blurb at the top, I'll just interpret all yards measurements as metres, it's close enough :p

I still have bruises on the back of my leg (two weeks on), but they're spreading out and fading, although the ones around my knee still have noticeable lines and I get the occasional twinges... have to be careful with that.