January 20th, 2008

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I'm finally having a massive clearout of my room, chucking out things like bills dating back to 2002 that have built up and been carried from house to house due to lack of sorting enthusiasm :| What fun.... currently sitting in Harrow as I'm here to get a shredder having dropped a load of stuff off at the recycling centre. Have loads of stuff to get rid of that doesn't really merit dumping: may try to flog on ebay or simply freecycle. Not sure how long this burst of energy will last :D Still, it's nice to be able to actually walk up to the window in that room.

I was walking around earlier and I think just a few sessions of going out running at lunchtime have already improved my legs; nice to know it's having some sort of effect! Patience is one of those things that imho is a learned skill, but never seems to come easily to me.
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