August 7th, 2007

off up

Was out on Thursday at Garlic & Shots for Alex's birthday. Was fun although not too alcoholic compared to outings six years ago... Considering a return visit to sample some of the other delights on offer. Was great to meet up with Liz from Excite again too.

Friday went drinking with some fairly random people. Went drinking lots. Passed the cheese threshold. Went to an awful club. Got home at 7am. Feels like the first time I've done that in years!

Today heading off up north to my parents' initially, and then on to Stirling for two of Sue's uni friends' wedding. Stopping off on the way back down, getting back on Sunday. This is supposed to be a mini-holiday, hmmmph.

Bought "We Collide" by Mesh and have been listening to it a lot. Good stuff. Planning on also trying to get out more in the coming months. Having a bit of a weird patch atm.
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