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July 20th, 2007


Went out for a work party last night. No specific occasion, just a tradition of having some sort of party in the summer. It was at the Slug and Lettuce, so not exactly my type of place, but they were paying for the drinks so I was hardly going to complain too much. Needless to say, free drinks meant chaos and carnage joined the party too; someone quite impressively smashed a pint glass on their foot... Coming closing time we headed on to Zanders for at least a limited number of more drinks (although by this time I'd hit my limit and was nursing a single vodka and coke).

Was all good fun though, although typically the journey home wasn't. I just missed the 0145ish train from Paddington and ended up sitting reading a book in Paddington for over an hour... did randomly meet two people going to Glade the next day, although wasn't able to get a straight answer about WTF they were going to Reading at that godawful time: they assured me there was a 5-in-the-morning train from Reading to Aldermaston. Hmmm.

Apart from the initial wait it wasn't too bad although it probably worked out to take about the same time as getting a bus all the way back to Northolt. But the wait and the train was probably better for my, ah, delicate condition at the time. Although since I was reading a book I couldn't have been too out of it.

There were lots of sore heads at work today. We opted to flush our systems by going to Nandos and having a jumbo platter; the spicy chicken endorphin rush gave us strength to get through to the end of the day, just...

Russ took various pictures throughout the night. Including one of me pretty wasted in Zanders... PicCollapse )



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