June 11th, 2007

june begins

I am on holiday. Well, off work. On holiday next week. Two weeks off work!

You know you've been working too much when you get to the Tube station and almost turn back when you realise you haven't got your work pass. While on holiday. Grr.

Cars = suck, except when actually in use. In particular, they suck up your money when the air conditioning springs a leak in the valve, causing you to drive from place to place spending money and accumulating bits that hopefully will come together to make a working system. And a 26C day like today I could really have done with some air con if I couldn't just laze in bed all day :(

This week = laze around at home and "wind down", although today got blatted by the car and tomorrow could too. So that leaves Wednesday for the all-important lazing around as by Thursday Sue will be home all day and will want to be holiday packing stress bunny. And the cricket won't restart until Friday. Maybe I'll head off with the bike to Swinley Forest on Thursday anyway and keep out of the way. This could be construed as being unsupportive.

I also need to get brake pads for the bike. Halfords don't seem to sell compatible ones. Venture into town to go to Evans/ActionBikes or just mail order?

Upcoming events:

  • July 11 - JPMC 5K run in Battersea Park
  • Early August - Stirling for Pete & Megan's wedding, almost a second holiday
  • September 9th - London Duathlon in Richmond Park (challenge distance i.e. stupidly optimistic)
  • September 16th - Tree-Athlon 5K in Battersea (?) Park

I'm also experimenting with using Facebook, will see how that works out.

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i have the ick

Run was bad because I had too much stuff in my stomach and felt like I had an incipient stitch for 30 minutes :| I think I also have a lurgy because the back of my throat is burning. Lose x2.