October 8th, 2006

runlondon 10K

Took part in the North Vs South duel in Hyde Park this morning. Good fun, although with so many people it's really packed and you spend a fair amount of time swearing internally about the people around you getting in the way :) Managed 55:45 which wasn't what I was hoping for (not as fast as last year, for instance) but still not bad considering I'm still at a Body Pie Index of 32.

As with last year, it was fun up to the half-way mark, but then dragging back up to the north side and along the top seemed to go on for ever.... I got into a weird zone-- normally I can concentrate on my breathing, and everything flows properly, but I just couldn't get into that this time. Maybe the pressure of the moment put me off? Oh well, need more practice then :)

Not sure what to do next--- hopefully not lay off until next summer like I did last year! Considering the Reading half-marathon next spring which would make a nice challenging goal to aim for.

Split times from stopwatch so not canon.

RunLondon 2006
2Km05:13.43 10:44.28
3Km05:42.03 16:26.31
4Km05:30.53 21:56.84
5Km05:25.19 27:22.03
6Km05:48.98 33:11.01
7Km06:01.18 39:12.19
8Km06:03.09 45:15.28
9Km05:25.39 50:40.67
10Km 05:04.81 55:45.48
Position = ?? out of ~30,000