September 3rd, 2006

back to grindstone

Paris was fun. I had lots of omelettes and now have blisters. Leisure Select on the Eurostar is pretty neat. Montmatre is steep. The Louvre is big. Double-decker trains rule, again. More cafes than you can shake a stick at, although they're practically all the same, much like the architecture in general (bulldozing most of it in the 19th century will do that). Just like the Tate Modern, the most interesting thing at the Pompidou Centre was the building. Mine and Sue's French were about equally bad, although I did more prununciation and less giggling.

(On a side note, the tab order in the Semagic post window is totally whack)

Car going in tomorrow to try and fix brake lights/park brake shift lock/leaking floor. Could be an expensive one :( Duathlon numbers and race info have arrived, so need to take bike in to get at least a new crank bolt.

We have uprooted things in the garden. Half the LHS hedge is gone, but then it was not only dead but the dead bits had woodworm. Need the car fixed to be able to cart the corpses to the recycling facility.

Salmon and veggie fried (ish) rice for tea. Surprisingly yummy.