August 15th, 2006


We now have a new mattress. This is good because some of the springs were threatening to come out of the top covering on the old one. Having said that, we need to get rid of the old one :| Preferably not by throwing it into the canal/into the bushes beside the canal.

I also need to get the car into a garage (again) because now in addition to the park brake shift lock not working (which can just be done manually anyway), the brake lights are now sporadically not working. Probably it's just the switch that's gone, but I just tried to get to where that was to have a look and it looks like a major adventure to access it. Maybe if we had somewhere to park the car off the street I could have a better look, but I have to have my legs sticking out into the road, and even on a cul-de-sac that makes me nervous. Anyway, we're also having trouble with water appearing in a rear footwell, so I suspect there's some bodywork needs doing as well. Might as well try and get it all done at once, not that realistically it's likely to be mcuh cheaper :( Have sent an email to a local place that specialises in Vauxhalls... finally found one, there seem to be umpteed BMW/Audi/VW/etc specialissts... is that were the money is?

Should probably take this opportunity while at home to clean the bike again. I've noticed that one of the teeth on my largest chainweel is out of alignment-- this would explain the odd clicking sound and occasional skipping under load, I think.