July 26th, 2006

I've got an ache in my neuroses

It's hot and sweaty again. You're not surprised? It's currently 31.3 degrees Celcius in my room. This is why I'm not working from home much at the moment. This past few weeks I have been very glad I can cycle into work, or get a mainline. I don't want to think about what the Piccadilly line's been like recently. I don't so much mind the hot and humid days, it's the hot and humid nights that get me.

I'm officially fat again. Too many takeaways and snacks at work will do that to a body. Well, at least I've got out of this before.

Not been doing much recently. In the near future, though, we're going to Paris for a few days at the start of September. Put the long-service voucher to good use getting First Class Eurostar tickets, yummy :) It'll be only the second time I've been; last time I was only 13 and didn't get to see much in a day.

September 17th, I'm in the London Duathlon, in what they call the "Fun" distance. Given that I wasn't really able to do a 6K a few weeks ago, this is a really dumb idea, but what the hell. Also doing RunLondon again this October (10K) which is turning into an annual benchmark.