October 16th, 2005


Finally done.

Last night: went to muftak's birthday party: dressing up outrageously badly and behaving like loons, always good. Drank one bottle of WKD and one bottle of ginger wine, not so good. Especially as preparation for a race the next morning. Manager to get one of the last Tube trains home, so got to bed at only (!) 1am. I was sufficiently unfocussed as to set the alarm for 7pm rather than 7am the next day.

Today: went to Hyde Park for the Nike 10K race. Actually coped quite well (Sue fortunately woke up just past 7 anyway) but was definitely stuck in plodder mode. Got 53:24, which is not too bad for a fatty, but a couple of minutes adrift of the Ribble Valley run last Christmas (and that was at about 0°C and had hills), and even last year's RunLondon Nocturnal. Splits as follows:

4Km5:39.5821:13.44I pressed the split button late
8Km4:21.7141:32.63Not sure about this one
Either that 8Km marker was out of place, or I hallucinated it. The 4Km split mixup was just doziness.

Had an outrageously expensive sandwich and apple crumble at the Dell cafe afterwards. Met inferis and myriadofsins there, and saw a goose eat an apple core. Sadly they did not seem interested in being recruited for helping out at Christmas dinner.

Walked around for a bit. Gawped at huge flat screen TV in John Lewis for a trifling £13,950 or so. Tried on strange coats: they had this long corduroy (?) jacket thing that made me almost look like a Doctor Who (as in, no coherent dress sense and generally wacky). Got tired. Came home. Had steamed tuna and couscous, mmm.