September 29th, 2005

quack quack, pedal pedal... repeat...

After days and days of lugging a rain jacket to work and back in my backpack, I finally needed to use it tonight, and in style. It was just dripping a bit when I came out, but I thought I'd coat up anyway. Turned out to be a good decision, even though it dried up around Shep Bush, it really pissed it down again after coming past Hanger Lane. In fact by the time I passed the South Greenford rail bridge, it felt like my feet were suspended in water inside my shoes. This is practically impossible since they have Velcro straps to allow them to go on pretty tightly, there isn't much space left for water! I guess they're roomier than I thought. I'm also very glad to have glasses with clear lenses: they mean you can actually keep your eyes open properly. Doesn't stop that salty taste appearing on your lip, and you don'#t know if that's sweat washing down or your nose running, and you don't care anyway you just want it to be OVER. Which it is now, phew.

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24m:32s! Yar! Almost to the standard I was before... which is odd because I'm definitely still lugging around some extra junk in the middle.