September 21st, 2005

red shirt

I've picked up my RunLondon shirt. It's very red. An omen? Also, when I registered, I said I was a Large, so hopefully by the time of the race I'll have done enough training for it not to look completely repulsive...

Speaking of training, managed to knock another 5 seconds off my record time to cycle into work today, despite feeling like my legs were made of wood when I got up this morning. A whole new meaning to the phrase "morning wood". According to my stopwatch, finished the run last night in just under 26 minutes, which is presumably the reason for the aches this morning. Now I just need to do something about the frankly embarrassing times I'm clocking for cycling home recently. And to stop my right hamstring from crying out every now and then.

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The RunLondon site now has guides for the actual races available. Reading the Hyde Park one, I note that there are neither changing facilities nor baggage facilities. I think there will be a lot of miserable people around. Particularly if it's cold or raining. I seem to remember that last year there were lots of shirts etc discarded on the bushes near the start, despite the warnings about how clothing left at the start will be collected up and disposed of... Maybe if it's cold they'll hand out space blankets. What's the stock symbol for Bacofoil?

The Piccadilly line will be closed between Hyde Park Corner and Acton Town on that Sunday. Well, that just adds to the fun, doesn't it? (Although I suspect that's just a continuation of the ongoing Sunday engineering works they've been doing recently).
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