September 19th, 2005

new commute PB

Woo! New PB on getting to work: 50:11.60, avg 15.1mph.

It's amazing how it felt cold this morning. It was actually 17°C... I've become acclimatised to summer! Bah!

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I need to get my finances in order. I just added up my debts and repayments. It's ugly. Immediate remedial action needs to be taken. I unfortunately have a loathing of ever dealing with this stuff, which is possibly the worst attitude you can have. So problems tend to build up without me doing anything until it's almost too late/really too late...

Blech. I'd already been seriously considering getting rid of the car, since moving out of Reading we just don't need it as much. It would be a pity but... *sigh*
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