September 8th, 2005

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Training in Regent's Park today. Well, more running around Regent's Park. Got most of the way round before having to stop for a walk, largely due to having misestimated how far along I was. My knee still twinges before running, and afterwards, but during it's OK. Still, all in all a good run. It's not like I'm unable to walk afterwards, or collapsing in a hyperventilating heap.

Thoroughly screwed up getting home. Although I demostrated how I can get home just via bus, it took bloody ages, and included a transit across Willesden. But it did land me at the bus stop just near the house, so maybe it was worthwhile after all. Bah.

Sausages and onions in tomato sauce for tea. What wonderful cuisine we have here :)

Rest day tomorrow. I think I need it.

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Does anyone recognise one of these spiders?

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EDIT: (about 2.5" across)

Sue's scared, due to the wasp-like markings on the back. Despite my user name, I don't have any real spider-species-identification-fu, though.

EDIT: "squealed like a rabid squirrel", in fact.
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