August 30th, 2005

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Trying to recall... Slept for most of Saturday. Finally set off mid-afternoon to meet up with Rosie & Steve's post-weeding drinkery. Went to Thai restaurant on Waterloo Road (that it turned out we'd been to before, no regrets returning). Suzie talked us into going to Strength Through Joy afterward rather than just going home-- this turned out to be great fun, which is a good job as it took us ages to get home. I remember Ministry (several times), PWEI (several times, and not just Ich Bin Ein Auslander again), Cubanate, Killing Joke... ah, fun. Sue didn't have as good a night due to reaction to the smoky room (upstairs at the Garage-- can be cramped) but still thought it was fun. Less so the 2:45 journey time back: need to experiment with alternative routes, over an hour of that is spent just sitting on the bus from Oxford Street. It would probably have been about the same time to go back to Reading!

Sunday was dominated by watching the cricket. We need to get thicker curtains for the bedroom so that a cool, dark room is always available. I wish my heart rate monitor was working atm: it would have been interesting to see what it was showing just for watching TV :} Ah well, 10 days to recover befopre we do it all again, try not to almost choke this time though, guys. (And congrats to the women for having won their series already, dammit!).

Didn't do very much yesterday. Changed the tyres to point the right way on the bike. A couple of hours later, noticed that the back tyre was flat: there was a thorn stuck in the tyre that must not have penetrated the inner tube the first time around, but got stuck in when taking everything off and putting it back no again. On the positive side, this is giving me much-needed practice at fixing punctures. Although I thought I'd had more than enough when I was running the puncture-every-trip Continentals, the reality is that it still takes me ages even to simply change a tube, and I always had trouble getting the tyre back onto the wheel, and ended up using the levers to do it, contrary to the usual advice given.... now, taking a while to do it isn't really a problem (I'm not planning to start entering XC races any time soon) but if it didn't take so long and feel like so much hassle, it'd be less stressful when it needs to be done. If that makes sense. Anyway, I managed to get the tyres back on with better technique (and got them the right way round) and they're still holding pressure, so I succeeded there.

This morning I took along the camera to allow me to show off how nice the commute is. Sadly this led to me falling off as a juggled camera, stopping and exiting pedals coming onto the tow path when someone else was flying along it. I got one foot out and put it down, only for my knee to give way (I got my right foot out, out of habit). [1] So now I have a stiff knee, which is OK for leisurely-speed cycling, but I don't think I'm going to go for running practice tonight, I'm still limping. And I forgot to take any photos after getting past Westbourne Grove, so half the photo trail is missing. If it's not one thing it's another :| And I might have bent my front mech a bit, falling to the right, it's grating in some high gears. Grrr.

[1] I damaged my right ACL playing basketball at Uni. Although the left knee has chronic damage, too. They take it in turns to give trouble.

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Oh the irony. I can currently cycle much better than I can walk (once I've warmed up) and I'm not likely to be running for a week or so. Naturally, today my RunLondon race pack and this month's issue of Runner's World turned up.

RW are having a "sex special": aiming to shed their "running geek" image or just plain tacky? Better was the letter in 220 that suggested a rule-of-thumb for training sessions: if you can't give your loved one a good seeing-to alf an hour after getting home, you're training too hard. File under "positive feedback system".