May 3rd, 2005

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Long expensive bank holiday weekend. Finally caved in and started helping sort the garden out. We now have several big green bags fill of struff removed from it, mainly grass, ivy and brambles. Lots of brambles. Next door seemded to go for them in a big way at some point. We have invested in a barbecue for upcoming parties (e.g. July 2nd, koff koff!), strimmed lots of weeds fromm the front and back, washed down the patio, lopped branches... I think that just the sight of a lawn rake again would fill me with dread at the moment. The back lawn was rather lank, so we mowed it. But arguably overdid it, so large chunks of the lawn are now brown patches. And every time you run the rake over it, you get more dead grass: it's like hair dye with the "rinse with water until it runs clear"-- yeah right. Anyway, we re-seeded the bare patches and hopefully the birds won't have eaten all the seeds.

We have either a solitary squirrel or family of squirrels living in our roofspace. They tend to wake up about 6am. Grrr. Back to cycling to and from work-- back still not 100% but I can cycle (obviously).
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