April 6th, 2005


Woo! The BBC have released their version of The Day Of The Triffids on DVD. I vaguely remember watching it on TV at one point, and from what I've heard, it was far far better than the black-and-white film. Now that I've actually read the book, it might go down better...

Say it with flowers... give her a triffid.
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Very confusing-- one of my emals (I finally got round to checking my innocent.com mailbox) says "ARM update" and talks about a contract softeng job, from someone at arm.co.uk .... it wasn't until I was loading the site that I realised this wasn't the ARM I used to work for. Freakoid. Although it does seem to be a contract job doing ASIC validation-- I sometimes wonder if these people are looking at a CV six years old or something.

Anyway. I have been fascinatingly (not) cleaning the house with Sue's Vax carpet cleaner thingy. The sofas are now wet, but lots of nasty muck got into the water somehow. Have varnished bits of Ikea shelving to go in the bedroom, but still need more storage space. sigh

At this rate we might have the house in a presentable state by summer. My birthday is in mid-June. Party?