March 28th, 2005

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We still haven't finishd unpacking over here. Nevertheless, we helped other people move. The conclusion would appear to be that we are idiots :)

Actually, we've got a fair bit done-- I've moved some of the stuff out of the dining room (although it's still not usable yet), installed a chest of drawers for holding my own clothes in the bedroom (floor still covered with Sue's clothes that will require furniture with TARDIS properties to store) and started building bookshelves in Sue's study. This last under protest, but she won't help clear up downstairs until it's done. Bah.

I've also removed bits of sawdust and dishcloth that were deposited on the car's back seat during a mouse's bid for freedom on Saturday. But apart from that, I think teqkiiller and muftak's move went smoothly, and the new place is indeed very nice. This was followed by beer and food, and then once home I couldn't face going back out again. Oops.
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