March 23rd, 2005

[geek] An old networking problem returns for a visit

Was SSHing to my home box and listed a directory-- connection froze. Closed that, went back and just did a "mount" to remind myself which disk that was on-- that froze too. Usually after printing a line or two of the output.

Finally remembered having had this before, and dropped the MTU of the ethernet card to 1000, and it worked fine. A bit of trial and error suggests the MTU needs to be somewhere around 1460, not 1500. Something to reconfigure on the router when I get home (its telnet interface seems to be borked) but a fun one to sort out; odd that I'd never encountered that one when using the machine from home though. I guess I haven't been uploading large blocks of data. Maybe Windows sets a lower MTU by default? Although I do most of my web access through a Squid cache on the Linux box anyway... A bit annoying, too, that the router's filtering blocks PMTU-discovery packets. Or something on the way does. Maybe it's just accessing it from here?
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