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March 7th, 2005

Went to Ikea on the bus yesterday (!). An interesting experience, but not to be repeated without assurance from Sue that whatever it is that we're buying isn't something with "this is really heavy" markings on it for a good reason. The bus treks past Wembley Central, which I'm glad we avoided living near. So we now have a TV stand in the living room and have set up the "proper" TV and the DVD player. Fortunately this is on the detached side of the house, so we can crank the volume a bit without neighbours banging on the walls. To celebrate, we opened up a bottle of Carolans which we got last year, and which turned out to be very good indeed (hic).

Fortunately, I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning (finally). In work for a few hours, than back out to pick up the car, drive it home and come back in to work again. Hopefully our ADSL connection will be realised this week! But we now have a car that doesn't stall in traffic queues, going across roundabouts etc., which is a handy attribute. Once I recover from the price of getting the valve changed, and some hoses and the throttle body cleaned, then I'll feel almost happy about it :}

Still have stuff remaining to do before the house is really presentable-- the dining room is still just a pile of stuff in crates at the moment, ick.

Cycled down to Westminster on Saturday, along the Grand Union Canal route. It will be a while before I'm fit enough to do that regularly! I felt so knackered I got the train from Paddington to Greenford, what a cheat. But it is a nice route, and quite fast once you get on to the paved bit somewhere around Acton.



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