February 11th, 2005

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I'm marginally more tired than stressed at the moment. Being handed a 6-week project to finish in 2 weeks is no fun; and it's not really let up much since then. I also seem to be the subject of an office-politics turf war (fortunately this is due to a "we want him" conflict, not a "take him away" approach being taken---I'd be pleased if they'd leave me alone to get on with stuff while they sort it out).

In my copious spare time, I've managed to find a house to move to, which is convenient because our tenancy expires in just over two weeks. In case anyone cares, we'll be living in Greenford, paying £150 a month less each for a slightly quicker journey, which is in fact a cycling-distance journey. I can cope with that. Provided nothing takes a shit in my bank account between now and having to pay the deposit. And then there's all the hassle of acutally moving: I still have the occasional nightmare about the last time, and that was two years ago. Our books seem to be taking up more than double the space these days. If any kind souls could help move stuff around the weekend of 26th/27th (or in the week beforehand) that would be much appreciated. Would have to discuss ferrying people between here and London though. My head hurts just thinking about it (this reaction has dogged the entire house-hunting process).

The place is big enough that we'll probably look to arrange something along the lines of a party at some point, provided enough people might turn up to avoid excessive rattling around :}

Sue's just discovered that the house opposite the one we got is also up for rent, but for £100pcm more. Lucky dip?
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