December 27th, 2004

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Quick entry while at parental home using 56K modem to connect (brings back memories...)

Have been largely lazing around since arriving on 24th, but yesterday me and Dad went for a bit of a hike up to Wycoller Dene and today I went for a 10K road race near Clitheroe-- which was fun, but at least not as cold as it could have been considering we've had snow which is only just starting to melt today. But I did get a time of 51:16-- a minuscule improvement on my previous time, which just goes to show that constant training is really required :( Oh well. Need to get back in the habit of persuading (read: bullying) people to come out running after work again. But at least I don't feel quite so guilty about all the excess turkey sandwiches, mince pies, chocolates, crisps and booze.

Sue's arriving on Thursday after taking a particularly tortuous train route up north.
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