October 29th, 2004


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Whew! Just finished this month's lunchtime 5K run. I persuaded three other folks from work to come along as well, and they seemed to enjoy themselves, which was good. I also managed to knock 2 minutes off my previous best time!

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Along with that, this morning I managed to clock in a weight just under 100Kg for the first time. This is quite likely just a blip (checking it outside the regular weekly slot is of course Bad And Wrong) but it's heartening all the same :} especially since I've been static at just over 100 for the past two or three months.

So, the weekend starts tomorrow-- our plans for the weekend revolve around going to Bath and Bristol on Sunday; we're visiting Sue's parents briefly and then heading to Bristol to go the the Bierkeller on the Sunday night. We've each wangled Monday off work and got somewhere to stay overnight so hopefully it should be a good time :}

Having done this exercise today, I am now starving. I've had a ham and cheese sandwich but I doubt that will be sufficient!