August 30th, 2004

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Well, the Olympics are over. Back to them showing football on TV, I guess. Bah. I did watch the men's marathon---the TV coverage seems to hide how fast they're actually going, with them being tracked by someone on a motorbike. If you look back a few entries, I did a 5K in 24 minutes and a bit (~8mph), and I was knackered afterwards---my legs are just about recovering from that. They averaged 15-minute 5K splits over more than 40Km (~12mph). Scary.

And, of course, Chris Hoy did 1Km in a fraction of a second over 1 minute (~37 mph). Very scary.

This weekend has been mainly spent lazing around, getting caught up on sleep after the exertions and tribulations of the preceding week. I'm still managing to get up at around 6.30am, but finding it quite draining by the end of the week. One problem is I'm still in the habit of trying to stay late at work to avoid the going-home commuter rush. Burning the candle at both ends, not good.

As promised, a poll on the hair colour:

Poll #343036 Hair colour

Which is better?

Shave it off
No amount of hair dye will make up for you being ugly

Reading is gradually emptying of muddy festival types. Which is arguably no improvement.
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