August 27th, 2004

August Serpy 5K

Just been off to do another Last Friday 5K in Hyde Park. They've moved the course a bit (to keep us away from the Concrete Surface Drain Memorial) which is acutally more convenient for me because it's on the side of the park nearer work now :} Anyway, the weather was OK-- slight drizzle which probably had a ncie cooling effect, not that it felt like that after 2Km. I annihilated my previous best time (26:29 on 26/03)-- according to my watch I came in at 24:22. With luck this will get me to my first target of 50% age-graded :}

With my new-fangled watch I can actually keep track of my split times for each Km, which is quite funky:
PointInterval timeCumulative time

I overdid it part way through trying to catch up to a group ahead of me and ended up having to stop for a few seconds just before 4Km, and got overhauled by the group behind me :( Still, it's a new PB, not to be sneered at. It must be said, though, that recently I've been going to the gym, which may well be great cross-training, but it's not a complete substitute for getting out there and putting the miles in. So I need to get back in the habit of plodding around at home, or actually organise myself for plodding to/from Paddington.

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Hmm, my official 5K time appeared on the Serpentine RC's site and says 26:23, 2 minutes different from the time on my stopwatch.

Update: It was a problem on their end, fixed. My age-graded result was 53.2%! Well, it's an achievement for me, anyway...