July 27th, 2004

(no subject)

A package arrived today that was ordewred before I realised I had no money left... it's a funky id tag that fastens to my shoelaces, so if something happens when I'm out running/cycling/whatever, Sue doesn't end up phoning the police hours after I said I'd be back to get told "ahh, that could be our mystery man found in a ditch by the river earlier today" or something.

Which is perhaps just paranoia, or perhaps not. It's something that she mentioned as a worry, anyway, and I discovered during a brief web search that it seemed to be a worry for lots of other people too. So I got the tag, which is neat, but I would have stopped to think about it longer if I'd realised how little money I had at the time and that I might be moving house and changing home phone number in six months! Oh well.