June 19th, 2004

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It's hot again! So much for Sue's mum's doom and gloom about it raining during the Garden Show that they're at at the NEC.

Ventured into Reading today. Went to Halfords to get a new wheel wrench (mine went walkies at some point) and audio release tools. Also got replacement sunglasses (they also went walkies, but not before one of the rubber things had come off, rendering them very odd to wear). I have now extracted the CD player from the Senator and must now work up the nerve to phone a breaker to come collect it. One corner of the dining room has all the mats, maps, first aid kit, warning triangle, tools etc. piled up in it.

We do have the audio release tools I was supplied with the CD player in the first place somewhere, I should imagine; I've found lots of interesting things I'd forgotten about while looking, but not found them.

I also splashed out on some overpriced earphones that are light neckband phones for use while running. RW described them as the "only pracitcal design". Well, I hope they work.. nothing quite like having them fall out while you're going and trying to figure out if you can afford to spare the mental effort of disentangling them and putting them back in...
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