June 15th, 2004

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Ouch... I strained my calf towards the end of the race on Sunday and it's complaining. It was ok yesterday, but I tried running from Paddington to work this morning and it cried out again. So I'll have to go easy on that for this week. Plus my right knee's all stiffened up, again, so I'm essentially limping on both legs at the moment...

The race was fun. I managed to get up on Sunday morning (!) and adopted the highly-technical nutrition strategy of scoffing a Nutri-Grain bar and a banana. (Seemed to work though). Cycled to Reading station, on what was probably the quietest I've ever seen George St in daylight, got the train to Twyford and cycled to Wargrave from there. I've actually cycled part of the race course before, an ill-fated trip out that way to see what the cycle route was like. Ill-fated because I didn't take any water/food with me and had to struggle back to Tesco where I raided their snacks shelf for a quick fix. So I knew in advance that I was starting the course off by going uphill... It really wasn't too bad. I think I did OK because I managed to stick at a reasonable pace at the start and then just maintain it, pretty much, all the way through. I seem to do better than quite a few others at just steaming on up reasonable hills once I've got the momentum up. There were apparently 641 people in the race, which is quite a lot more than the 150 or so I've been around Hyde Park with previously.

I think my time was 1:04:48-- that's what I seem to remember the clock saying as I came past. No results posted on the website, but hopefully they will send me an actual results note-- they'd better, that's what the second SAE was for :} Still, according to the webpage, an 82-year-old man managed 1:02:45! I shall have to do better next time.

Edit: I've found the results on the site, it's just their navigation is broken... 01:04:48 is right-- 537th overall, 141st in category (male 18-40?) Age graded at 41.63% == suxx0r