March 7th, 2004

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Accident at the Money Pit!

OK, I finally got fed up with thwacking the side of my monitor to sort the image out and ordered a new one. And a new graphics card. There is only a £1 price difference. Hmm.

And got talked in to booking a holiday for the two of us... renting a self-catering cottage for a week... in County Wicklow... I feel like we're mutating into my parents. (Could be worse, we could be mutating into Sue's parents, *koff* *koff*). Will have to see if I can claim a staff discount on the holiday, though :}

Meanwhile, back in geek-land, I now have kernel 2.6.3 running on monolith, having found out that all I needed to do to get X working was reconfigure nvidia-glx to use TLS libraries. Apart from that, just add a few modules to /etc/modules /etc/modprobe.d/local and it works. The hotplugging seems to be dodgy though, had to insert an extra "sleep 1" in scsi.agent.
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