January 5th, 2004

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Happy New Year, all.

Had fun up north with the rest of the family. Managed to drag Sue out hiking for a bit, even. Got some lovely lined winter trousers for me, and a proper windproof fleece for her that she can hardly be parted from :}

Drank crazy amount of alcohol (by my recent standards), plenty of good food (but no gorging on turkey sandwiches in the wee hours this time) and company. For two weeks, life was good.

Tried to buy my Travelcard this morning, Switch card declined. Life *was* good, perhaps a little *too* good. Oops.

Went to see RotK yesterday, which I enjoyed. Imho, more enjoyable than TTT, I didn't feel outraged at the deviations from the book. A bit sad to see that Saruman was completely cut out, though. I can understand why-- I assume there's a "final confrontation with Saruman" scene to come on a future extended edition. Minas Tirith looked great-- as soon as I saw the "prow", I thought "someone's going to dramatically fall off there" :} And I prefer my imagination-version of the final scene in Sammath Naur. No "I do not choose to do now what I was sent here to do" line? I guess it *is* a bit unwieldy. (I've probably misquoted it too, natch).

OK, I now need to figure out how I'm going to eat for the next month or so.
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