December 13th, 2003

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Bleargh. Another week over-- one more to go before two weeks off.

It's not like much has happened. Went running last night with new fleecy gillet ("bodywarmer", I suppose). It certainly works-- shelter from the gusts of wind that usually come to grab you from across the Thames. Not that it was actually as cold as I'd thought it would be, but handy to have, anyway.

I'm supposedly doing some Christmas shopping today. TBH, I'd rather be trying to get replacement bike parts, or maybe knocking a hole in my head, but no... I've allowed myself to believe that this is the right thing to be doing today. Aargh. Probably heading into London, if I can work up the enthusiasm.

ZzzzZZzzZZzz... maybe I'll just go back to bed and sleep until January comes around.... ZZZzzZZzZZzzzZZZzzz....
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