November 10th, 2003

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noticed that the Season 3 box set of B5 was released today. Looked at my pre-order on Amazon... £48.39+P&P+VAT. But also available immediately, for £39.99+P&P+VAT. Hmmm. Putting in £2.28 as the P&P value, this works out to £59.54 and £49.67 all in respectively.

Bugger that, thinks I; I walked down to Virgin and got it off the shelf for £49.99. The moral of this story is to only bother pre-ordering things that are likely to be all sold out for several weeks :-p

Only problem with this is the DVDs were rattling in the case when I brought it back to the office, so I need to check that they all play OK tonight, obviously. :)
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