November 6th, 2003

returned from Whitby

So.... week started with Sue managing to fill up the boot of the car (no mean feat) even before we picked up Sean from Bristol. Went to Whitby from Reading via Bristol, yup. Amazingly, however, managed to arrive in Whitby during daylight for the first time in several years.

Stayed in Barnard's again-- might try and go for self-catering next time, but that's what I said last year too. Moved rooms after a couple of nights though. (But we got bribed to do that :}) Went to the Spa all four nights (although only for a couple of hours on the Sunday)-- it dragged on a bit, I noticed that a fair chunk of people only went to the first two nights. Bands were OK, although: I couldn't make out the vocals in Deathboy, probably due to the legendary Whitby sound system; the house lights coming on during Icon Of Coil. Wayne Hussey and All About Eve seemed to captivate the folks I was sitting near, though.

As usual, ate out practically all the time (not much choice really), but didn't finish off the box of wine we had in our room--- too tired to be drinking most of the time we were in there! Despite all the eating out, managed to lose over a kilo over the entire week-- either our new scales are well dodgy, or running up those little paths from the beach paid off! Mind you, after the first couple of days, we did specifically make an effort to avoid having deep-fried-fish-n-chips.

Manic Monday went a bit disastrous-- Sue reacted badly to the excessive heat/moisture/smoke machine output, and we had to leave early. Although she was compos mentis enough to help a little gothlet do her suspenders up outside. Hmmmm. (Sadly, no photos). We never did manage to do a day trip to Scarborough (we can get free entry to the castle, I think, because of English Heritage membership). Unfortunately, my brake pad warning lights had come on during the drive up (fun), so had a quick but fruitless search for a nearby ATS/Kwik-Fit etc.

On the trip back, dropped Sean off at York, then did the traditional dogleg of staying over at my parents' for a night. Stopped in Leeds to go round the Royal Armouries on the way, though. Interesting half-day out-- although soon enough the seemingly-endless cases of different types of gun, sword or armour begin to blur into each other. Sue managed to find some Playmobil to buy in the gift shop. They sell reproduction arms and armour though-- they had a centurion's helmet for under £200, for instance, whereas Sue says she found a rather battered one for about £110 in Portobello Road at one point. London pricing strikes again :} And a two-handed sword for around £300, ouch. (Reminds me-- one night at the Spa we saw someone wearing chain mail. Without a padded jacket underneath. Ouchies. Bets were laid as to how long he'd last :} Didn't see him again that night, though)

Parents unwittingly undermined attempts to Eat Healthy by offering me wine and trifle when I was tired and powerless to resist :} I'm now so out of practice at drinking alcohol my Dad can out-drink me. Talked about old maps (Dad had found some reissues of 1910-era ten-inch (!) scale maps of Colne and Burnley), Moniack Mead, why Burnley Miners' Club drinks so much Benedictine, the difficulty of finding Perries in shops, and probably other things as the haze descended.

Took car into ATS the next morning. (It still feels wierd to actually have things like that in Colne-- the entirety of North Valley Road seems to have been, uh, "enfrashised".) Turns out the pads are OK, it's just the sensor wires that are gone, and that's agents-only to fix. Gah.

Finally, drove home via Manchester where we went around Affleck's Palace, but didn't actually get anything, but did go to M&S were I found I could now wear 38" jeans again. Hurrah! Left shops, managed to actually get out of the Manchester conurbation two hours later, and got back to Reading somewhere close to 11pm. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Arguably rather skimpy Whitby write-up, but tbh what more detail would be interesting? Could list all the places I'd eaten, I suppose, but I'm trying to keep the foodiness content under control :}
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woo... Reading Half Marathon won't block both bridges over the Thames this coming spring, they've changed the route :}

Not that I'm planning to be moving house again... but I might be going to Tesco :p

It seems I'm getting Late-Onset Whitby 'Flu. Time to go home.


The weather is not guaranteed when doing an race in the UK :)
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