October 21st, 2003

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Well, last night was mine and Sue's two-year anniversary (if you see what I mean), so I took us off to the Texas Embassy-- mmm, strawberry margheritas. Tried to be fairly good and not overdo it (grilled chicken with grilled onions and peppers-- good; covered in melted cheese-- bad) and generally had fun :} However when we got back, discovered we had nothing in the fridge for coffee/cereal etc. so did quick excursion to Tesco on the bike.

Was feeling experimental this morning, so decided to cycle to the station and take the bike into London. This actually works quite well in terms of time taken to get to work, provided I pay attention to when the reasonably quick Thames Trains services-- which can take bikes for free, with caveats-- are. One of those caveats, unfortunately is that you cannot take bikes on them during commuter crush times-- i.e. trains arriving London 0745-0945 or leaving 1630-1830. Bit of a pain, really; but to take bikes on FGW, you have to book in advance (£1 or £2, depending on how much in advance). However, I think that if I get some practice at timing it right, this could work out OK.
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