October 15th, 2003

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did finally go swimming on Monday night-- cycled up to Highdown (just like it sounds, except I went up an additional hill because I forgot the best way there), got to go in for 30-45 minutes or so, which is what I was heading for anyway. It's so long since I went! About 8 years and 6 stone ago, in fact. And that was probably the first time since swimming lessons in high school, and I didn't go again :| Still, it was quite fun. Got my heart going, but I wasn't really sore afterwards (which is why it was recommended, I suspect). But it'll take a while before I get the stroke actions pinned down again, not that I was ever a particularly good swimmer anyway. Highdown's only a 17m pool too, should be easier for practicing in. (Can always go to Central for a larger one if I want).

Went running again last night. I'm going to have to allocate today as a recovery day :} I can do one minute's running and one minute's walking for twenty minutes, which puts me at roughly week 1 of the beginner's schedule. Fair enough. When I say "running", I don't mean particularly fast, though-- still, one thing at a time.

Tried to make chilli con carne at home, only to realise just at the end that we had no kidney beans left. Bummer. Still, managed without (lots of rice :}) and still enough left for tea tomorrow too.
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