October 13th, 2003

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Had Sainsbury's BGTY Mushroom Stroganoff for lunch-- tasted awful, though. Hmm, I like mushrooms in stir-fries etc., and can handle them on pizzas, but it seems that whenever I have a meal where they're the main event (so to speak), I don't like them. Typical.

Oh, and reading the back I notice the meal has 3.2g of salt-- almost half the "guideline daily amount". Bearing in mind that recent articles have warned about too much salt in processed food, I'm getting rather cynical about some of this "healthy eating" stuff.

Still, down another two kilos-- at this rate, when I go to Whitby, I might be back to the weight I was at Infest two years ago. This thought can actually be depressing if I don't keep a lid on it :}

I have, naturally, gone completely over the top and created a spreadsheet to allow me to easily chart progress, convert metric measurements to Imperial etc. Am I getting obsessed now?

Last night, was wandering around looking at various triathlon websites. Sounds fun, but you won't catch me getting into a wetsuit any time soon. (Now some of you have a lovely image to stay with you throughout the day, hehe).

Still haven't attempted to go swimming at all yet, actually. I was going to give it a try last Thursday, only to realise that I hadn't worn my trunks since I was 19 or so. No points to Sue for sniggering, grrr. And now I have a cold and attendant sniffles, so probably not going tonight either.

Also got replacement copy of Civ III-- much time wasted already. Think I was beginning to remember how to do it by the third game, not that I was ever really able to get above "Chieftain" level.
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