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September 29th, 2003

Managed to get out for a ride on the bike over the weekend-- a 20-mile circular just north of Caversham suggested by Reading Cycle Campaign. Nice, although some of their mileages were a bit dubious (but I had a map anyway) and some of the hills weren't mentioned at all (cough). However, I managed it without having to actually get off and wheel at any point, and averaged about 11.8mph, so I'm not entirely a hopeless case. It's good to be able to get into the Chilterns AONB just a few miles north, it's just rather hilly (well, duh). At some point, we ought to make an outing to the Chilterns Winery and Brewery, which I've recalled is probably under 20 miles from here.

I still weigh the same as I did at the end of March, though. This is getting frustrating. I'm missing being able to cycle to work most days :|

Jumping around in time a little-- went to see Pirates Of The Caribbean on Saturday, which was entertaining. Proceeded on to Nando's for food (they're next to each other, hard to resist) and came out with Sue concerned my head was going to burst into flames. They mean it when they say "Hot". Good, though :)

I'd previously been out on the bike to Halfords, to replace my lost cycle computer and jacket. Found roughly the same 'puter (8 function instead of 12, but hey, I didn't use the extra ones anyway) and the same jacket, reduced from £95 to £45 as before. However, the cash desk assistant wasn't sure how to apply the reduction, so fetched the manager. The manager couldn't get it to work either-- it kept coming as 1p! Oh, I wished... But then, the manager was apparently pretty narked off already, so he gave up and let me have it for 1p... he wasn't very nice about it, but I wasn't going to complain! So if I ever find the other jacket, I've got an extra one for (almost) free... ho ho ho. (Now I just need fate to smile on me like that for getting a replacement Civ III CD).


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