May 7th, 2003

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So, bank holiday weekend. I confirmed that I would be moving over to, and gave my notice in at Activis yesterday (Tuesday). In between, we went to the Reading Beerfest on Friday night, which was fun-- Sue stuck to wine and mead and had a corker of a hangover the next day. (Dehydration probably caused that though). So we didn't do much on Saturday, really, but on Sunday we went over to Alton Towers. This time, the ruins of the main building were open-- quite impressive in a over-the-top neo-gothic way (yum). I have photos which I ought to get round to uploading.

On Monday we mainly tidied ther house a bit, although I discovered that the first campaign of Freespace 2 came free with my joystick so I played that too... Force feedback joysticks are fun-- hit afterburner and they throb :)

And then last night, began work on building the s3kr1t projekt, which should take another few evenings I guess. It will be impressive though :) (Ridiculous amonut of money, but I don't care, ok).

Took car in for service and MOT today. Hope it doesn't strain the wallet too much... typically, I didn't know to take my old certificate in when I took the car in, so had to cycle home, get the cert., cycle back and then over here. Argh. Stil, it's done now, and I managed to (just about) cycle over the hill into Tilehurst and then down (35mph wheeeee), only to get carved up by some pikey at the junction at the bottom, grr (no damage).

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Phew, car MOT done; just the rear brake pads need replacing apparently (hmm, no warning light...). My bike just about fits in the car boot-- need to get a roof rack bike holder if I'm going to be transporting it often.