April 30th, 2003

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I'm posting a quiz result just to reassure y'all I'm still here. and this one's reasonably amusing, not just yet-another-quizilla-crapplet.

Oh, and I've got a copy of "Inferno" by Niven/Pournelle-- it's cool :)

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Oh, we went to Warwick Castle last weekend, and I have photos. It was quite fun-- not too far away really, free entry and parking with our Tussauds passes, and we got to see a guy exhibit some huge prey birds... (a vulture, an owl, and two eagles).

Not as much fun as Alton Towers though IMHO. Might head off there this weekend (hmm, bank holiday weekend == crowded). BTW given that we have passes, if anyone else from around here wants to go and needs a lift, just holler :)