March 24th, 2003

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More unpacking stuff done... i swear it will take months. have now assembled the pc desk and taken monolith upstairs. Just need to bring my switch home from work and the computer will be restored to normality (and more space in the living room freed up!). Mm, games... But then I have to try and remember how Sue's PC desk goes together, and that's in loads of bits...

I tried to cycle in by the canal route on Friday morning, only to discover that a) they've pulled down the Cunning Man pub at Brughfield Bridge, and b) in the process blocked the tow path between Burghfield and Theale. Ended up cycling about 12 miles instead of 7, argh. Serves me right for trying to take the scenic route-- although I might try going back that way to see if there's a way through from the other side.

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