March 7th, 2003

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urnf, I feel awful. I think I have a slight cold and stress isn't helping.

Felt very tired yesterday (because I cycled across town from the flat to the house, how embarassing) and ended up staying at Sue's after helping her pack books and dismantle shelves... Then this morning forgot to take my bag with me which has mine and Eleanor's driving licenses in for hiring the van tonight :-( Fortunately, Sue is bringing them over... I need food and some beauty sleep! And maybe a nice hot chilli... mmm, chilli....

I also need to dismantle the PC desk, and NTL are disconnecting this cable modem on Monday, so I'm going offline soon. (Not that most people will notice).

I hate doing this every year. Hopefully I'll set a record of living in one place in the new house!
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