February 14th, 2003

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hmm, I need icons for food and bike stuff...

Had Different Fajitas for dinner-- basically the turkey-cooked-in-lime I mentioned before, but with a spring onion and red pepper added, and wrapped in tortillas with crispy salad. I would have added fromage frais as well, except that I don't have any (and haven't seen it at Tesco recently), and the tortillas were already pretty full without! Tasted good though, and probably better for me (and the surrounding atmosphere) than spicy fajita sauce...

Ran out of milk, so actually cycled out to Tesco to do shopping instead of driving--- milestone! Now have nice tingly sensation in legs again :) Discovered that the rubbery smell in my bedroom probably wasn't the new bike tyres (I have to keep the bike in my bedroom due to lack of space), but more likely the old tyres that I had leant against the heater. Duh.

So. Valentine's Day has begun. I don't feel loved-up yet. I don't object to it too much-- like many things, I think it's what you make it. I don't go in for the Christmas commercialism (well, not much), but that doesn't stop me taking the opportunity to pay a long visit back to my parents'-- winners all round.

Ah well. Tomorrow is xyzzy's last day in the office, good riddance. And then my manager's leaving in a month or so. "Think of this as an opportunity, not a burden".

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