January 28th, 2003

moving house again!

Well, looks like I'm going to be moving house again in March. Moving in with Sue, which should be fun. Going to be living in a house again too-- I've been liviing in flats for 3.5 years now, nice to change back again :)

Anyway, we may be asking for volunteers to move furniture etc. around near the weekend of March 8/9. We need to move two settees, a sofa/bed, a bunk bed, desk, wardrobe, shelving and contents from Sue's flat (on the top floor) in East London over to Reading. And then move my bed, shelves, sofa/bed, PC desk and stuff from Reading (Coley) to Reading (Caversham). Volunteers would be fed, fee'd (alcoholics' exchange rate) and ferried where possible (I'm thinking a thank-bog-that's-over meal at Chilli's in Reading on Sunday night, and I'm not going to be in a state to drive people home after that :)). Being able and willing to drive a car or van a bonus.

Also, I've replaced my old coffee machine with a younger streamlined model, so if anyone hasn't got a filter coffee machine and wants one and lives fairly near, yell out. I'll clean it up before giving it away, but I haven't used to espresso side for years, no guarantees of it being steam-tight :|


I've just been on for a (little) bike ride for the first time in, well, over a year certainly. My thighs want to die.

However, all this is necessary, along with the fruit and stuff-- I think work would tax me if I started needing two chairs to sit at the desk :)
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