July 8th, 2002

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Drove over to Sue's on Friday night. Severe rain just as I was coming off the M4-- it was dark in front and light behind, very freaky. Got lost in Londond (again) after taking the wrong exit at the squareabout near Old St (again) and took the wrong exit in front of Bank (again). (And this was just the start of the weekend).

Presented Sue with birthday presents-- I survived :} Sue's parents arrived about 10.30pm and we all went to sleep shortly afterwards on account of being knackered.

Saturday-- went to Hampton Court. Looked around the grounds and palace, then Sue and her mum went to the Flower Show while her dad and I crashed for a bit then wandered round a bit, including going in the maze. (How stereotypical). Finally met back up. Crammed on bus back to Richmond, Silverlinked to O2 centre for food, then Silverlinked on to Stratford. By which time we pretty much just crashed again :|

Sunday-- went to Greenwich. We managed to negotiate a lie-in with Sue's mum for this morning, so we set off at a respectable time of day (i.e. the afternoon). Had lunch in Greenwich, took river boat down to Westminster. Rubbernecked like the tourists we are (except Sue who works near there) and wandered up towards Victoria. Had final parting tea & coffee before Sue's parents departed for Victoria coach station. Heaved collective sigh of relief (there must be some fancy word for stress caused by close proximity to parents/siblings), went back home, slouched on sofa. Had some food, watched DVDs, went to bed. Finally a chance to relax!

Driving to work this morning was fine until we hit the tailback down Embankment from Westminster Bridge. It turns out that the auxiliary fan to keep the engine cool when not moving doesn't seem to work. You need to spot this before steam starts rising from the bonnet seam.

Back at work. Bleargh. Gimme my coffee, biatch.
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