October 19th, 2001

back at work, but not yet recovered

Well, I'm just about well enough to come back into work, although I'm not doing much work and only got in at 3pm or something like that. Feeling better today, although not recovered yet. Using caffeine and painkillers.

I've booked a space cruiser for going to Whitby in, so we have a buttload of fairly expensive transport now. I'm helping Jo move a mattress and stuff around, then going to the Turtle to say hi to people before they had off for fun and frolics at the Electric Ballroom, which I'm too ill/tired to go to.

Tomorrow, wandering around Camden with Sue for the afternoon, then Evil's Toy, Tom/Jo/Sara et al's house-warming party and Slimelight are all happening in the same night, somehow. Eek.
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