October 16th, 2001


Some progress- I think I've got my PC running happily again now, which means i can spend stupid amounts of time on IRC from home again. Um, wow. This is, however, a useful thing since I have rather less money in my account than I thought I had. Argh.

Went out for Thai food with fross, kas, allezbleu, vasquez, kilinrax and yaruar. Nice nice nice nice nice :) Although allezbleu's Australian accent seemed to confound the serving staff's limited English comprehension :}

Now very tired again. Supposed to be getting something delivered tomorrow morning. Argh. (again). Not enough internal brain wierdness to make me walk home tonight, but still rattling a bit. Argh. :}

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morning? whassat?

I'm sitting at the PC waiting for Business Post to deliver the parcel they said they'd deliver this morning. (Although it was 12:15 yesterday they tried to deliver it, I suspect their definition of "morning" is questionable).

And I'm not IRCing at all. Oh no. That's someone else under my name :}
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