October 15th, 2001

that was the weekend that was

OK, I found out what was wrong with my PC- I plugged kilinrax's power supply into it and it worked fine! So I only need a new power supply, which is nice to know.

Saturday night, went to Slimelight (again). Kilinrax, icicle, fross, kas, saiira and drreagan were going to Pendragon in Brixton, so I was prepared for it to be somewhat lacking in people I knew. However, dan_lane, kgoth and darklyng were there, so all was not lost. And it turned out saiira was there too, although I didn't actually go up to say hello, being a muppet.

Then kas appeared, saying she and fross hadn't made it to Pendragon. Oops.

So imagine my surprise when icicle turned up half an hour later. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, just to be answered with "Don't ask" by icicle, and "Ask him" by kilinrax, pointing at icicle. An interrogation ensued: icicle didn't get let in what he claims is the most embarrassing incident of his life so far, hee hee.

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