September 29th, 2001

hardware failure

no not my brain (for once)- I managed to break the tray on my Plextor CD-ROM drive, and then tried to "fix" it by pushing it back in... this has resulted in the drive being converted into an expensive pile of junk :( Collapse )
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woken up by doorbell ringing as downstairs neighbour complaining about our bathroom leaking again. lo and behold, the floor under the bath really is soaked for once so it looks like it really is us.

went back to bed. no sleep, and suddenly heard a "bang" noise from over here (computer)... i can smell burning electronics but nothing seems to be broken. I worry.

went onto IRC. "discussion" in progress. blech. blech. blech.

Update: uh, the speakers just made funny noises and now I have no sound. from either the computer or the CD player. /me invesitgates the amplifier...
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