September 24th, 2001


Oops, it's been a while...

Been spending a lot of time on line trying to get everything compiled on our new 420R so that we can set up future ones nice and easily...

Went to Oriental City on Saturday, which was good fun- I really must go more often, because it's good food at decent prices too.

Got home to more stress about our bathroom leaking into the flat downstairs. Our landlord/landlady is/are crap about getting this sorted out.

Around midnight, finally resolved to go to Slimelight with kilinrax, esp. since saiira was going for once... it turned out to be a good night once we got there (sometime after 2am), they played some decent stuff (the danceable mix of Figurehead, yay) when the floor had thinned out enough for it to be usable, which was cool.

I wore my leather arm-guards for the first time in ages, and got reacquainted with just how damn heavy they are... they make waving your arms around while dancing quite an exercise! still, they are very cool, even if people kept getting caught on the pointy bits while wandering around on the dance floor like muppets.

Went home and slept through the afternoon, then headed out to the Purple Turtle in the evening for cocktail goodness, with saiira, diglett, dan_lane, kas and kilinrax... they had load techno music on which was ok for about 20 minutes, then just faded into irritation. Much fun was had, although rather bitchy fun at times, to say the least.

And back to work today, got to the point where I need management to buy licenses, so probably going back to writing content again (*yawn*), interspersed with being on phone conferences (*YAWN*).
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