September 19th, 2001

bad karma trip

Went to the Calling last night. Hired a minibus because lots of people wanted to go, then practically everyone couldn't in the end :( So it was just me, kilinrax and icicle. And the parking ticket machines outside our flat was busticated, so I had to risk not paying for parking. (Having to pay to park outside sucks, but I don't have my own car hence not getting a resident's permit). Then when we were *at* The Calling, the toilets get blocked up in the club and the night was truncated. Bad bad karma.

On the positive side, I picked up some CDs in the morning (Neuroticfish album and single, Suicide Commando "Hellraiser" single), and what there was of the Calling was fun. After we left the club we went back to our old house (where the Calling's organisers now reside) for a few hours for an improptu house party. Entertainment ensued in the form of random conversations and substance abuse.

Got home about 5am to get up the next morning to return the bus. Blah.

Then in work today, we took delivery of a shiny new Sun 420R server, which has probably doubled the value of equipment in our server room... Sadly our enclosure isn't deep enough for it, and we have neither a graphics card or compatible null modem cable to hand, so actually setting it up is going to have to wait until tomorrow...

So I need lots of sleep tonight now :|
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